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2 0 0  H O U R  Y O G A

T E A C H E R   T R A I N I N G

H U M A N  J O U R N E Y


YOUR GUIDES through this transformation are:






Our workshops, retreats, and yoga teacher trainings are impactful and promote growth, connection and vitality.

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This is a 200 hour

certified program

with Yoga Alliance (RYS).


Are you looking for an opportunity to:

  • impact others in a positive and meaningful way?

  • grow and develop personally and professionally?

  • gain insight into your own health and wellbeing?

We’re proud of the real growth and transformation that our programs provide. So, if you’re prepared to do the deep inner work, then this training is for you.

The Human Journey program is intended to be empowering, enlightening, and will take you to a new growing edge within your practice, teaching, and life. It’s specifically designed to explore the intricacies of relationship. We explore both the complexity and the reward of being in relationship, as well as the necessity of being skilled in them.

Why? Because relationships give us access to the very things we say we want in life. They’re the mirror reflection to our deepest inner workings, which gives us precious insight and feedback that we need in order to grow. 

Seeing your behavior through the reflection of another can be challenging at times and will require courage, commitment, and trust. However, if you’re willing, the result can be life-changing. Through the art of teaching and daily practice, you’ll develop the skills necessary to thrive in relationships.

In this training, not only will you discover the root cause of your own confusion, uncover habitual patterns that feed fear and shame, and find purpose and possibility in getting closer to what you want in’ll also be prepared to teach yoga from a place of authenticity, vulnerability, clarity, and confidence.  

We’ll also explore the cycle of dis-ease - the very thing that undermines relationships - and you’ll learn how to break up patterns in order to get to a place of balance and ease instead. These skills are paramount in order to be an effective leader and yoga teacher.

Embark on your own Human Journey with us and discover how to show up as an effective leader for yourself and others.




Are you feeling…

  • Disconnected from yourself and others?

  • Conflicted in your relationship or job?

  • Anxious or uneasy when making decisions?

  • Overwhelmed by life’s demands?


You’re not alone.

In fact, inner and outer conflict is a growing epidemic.

The culprits? We see them as fear and shame. Do you know them? Unfortunately…some of us know them intimately. It’s time to face fear and shame head on and interrupt this cycle of dis-ease.

Our mission is to live well and to empower others to do the same. We’ll introduce you to some new friends - connection, clarity, purpose, ease, feeling heard, and a sense of belonging. (They’re much more fun to hang around with!)

If you’re ready to…

  • pursue a high quality and purposeful life

  • be the force that you are meant to be in this world

  • finally discover the root cause of your confusion

  • uncover habitual patterns that perpetuate fear and shame

  • embody an awakened practice

  • align to yourself and others

  • empower others to make positive change


Then join us.

This immersive Yoga Training Experience goes well beyond the typical training topics of physical postures, anatomy, and alignment.

Prepare to have an active, dynamic, holistic and practical experience as a yoga teacher trainee. Throughout the process, you will learn to integrate practices that can interrupt the cycle of dis-ease, and cultivate greater healing, new mindsets, and real, sustainable transformation.

What’s included in our 15-day training intensives


We have two types of yoga teacher trainings: residential (Costa Rica) and non-residential (USA). Both trainings include 200 hours of training with some of the most experienced trainers in the field and invaluable training manual,


Residential: The residential training takes place in Costa Rica and includes tuition, 3 delicious meals per day, shared accommodations, and teacher training manual. Accommodations are allotted on a first come first basis. Private room upgrade is available.


Not Included: Flight to/from Costa Rica, airport shuttle transportation to/from Peace Retreat.


Non-residential: Our non-residential training includes tuition, training manual and 200 hours of training in a powerfully supportive and positive studio environment.


Not included: Accommodations, meals, or transportation to/from the location.


  • 6-7am Breakfast

  • 7am Pranayama (Kriyas), Meditation, Reflection

  • 9am Yoga Asana practice

  • 10:30am Posture Clinic

  • 11:30am Lunch Break

  • 12:45pm Ayurveda, Subtle Body or Human Potential Discussion

  • 3:30pm Break

  • 4pm Practice Teaching Session

  • 5:30pm Dinner Break

  • 6:30pm Evening Activity/Discussion


u p c o m i n g   d a t e s

October 29 – November 12, 2022

All inclusive pricing options starting at $3690  (tuition, meals & accommodation*)

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