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Peace Retreat's Organizational Values...


are designed to support the human experience in a way that creates greater levels of responsibility, expression, purpose, and quality of life. These values and intentions play a key role in how we operate. 

Our mission is to provide a safe space for guests to find themselves aligned and authentic so that they may return to their environment with the courage and clarity to create meaningful change. We create this space with four main pillars of experience:



Meaningful yoga practice is a fundamental component to the Peace Retreat experience, illustrated by the fact that the majority of our management team members are certified yoga instructors. We offer 1-2 yoga classes per day which are all included in our stay packages. 

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At Nourish at Peace Restaurant, we use a variety of local, minimally processed ingredients and Ayurvedic food principles to support our “food is medicine” approach. All meals are prepared and served at a specific time to encourage guests to enjoy nourishing food and conversation together.



Grounded in the value of self-love, our open air Body at Peace Spa allows guests to relax, receive, and remove stored energy from the body. In addition to traditional massages, facials, and scrubs, we offer women’s health-focused treatments such as yoni steams, womb massages and herbal baths.

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Our robust Ceremony at Peace menu provides guests with the opportunity to tap into a collective energy beyond themselves in order to foster meaningful change. We offer on-site sweat lodges, cacao ceremonies, sound healing and a variety of plant medicine journeys.

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