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15-day after-treatment program & eating disorder recovery retreat

This 15-day program is an after-care and relapse prevention program in Costa Rica for adolescents (16+) and adults who are medically stable, out of hospital care & crisis, and in need of support to transition back to college, job, and/or home.


Each morning begins with:

  • Breath work, meditation, and yoga practice

  • Breakfast followed by a mindful jungle walk

  • Human Potential group processing session

  • Lunch with journaling activity and discussion


Each afternoon includes one of the following:

  • Ayurvedic Health session

  • Equine therapy

  • Cacao & sweat lodge ceremony

  • Individual consultations and personal time


Evenings include a variety of activities & experiential therapy such as:

  • Motivational talks, group activities, and inspirational films with discussion

  • Healing breath awareness & body mapping

  • Somatic movement, yogic sleep, and other trauma recovery practices


There will also be time for rest, pool, beach, and optional add-on excursions (zip-lining, paddle-boarding, surfing, volcano tour, spa.) Family members are welcome to attend, as they are an integral part of a supportive healing experience.



Our Approach


Our program is specifically designed to support participants in eating disorder recovery develop the ability to connect, find purpose, and take action through intention.

Our integrated therapeutic approach is intended to promote healing through embodied learning on all levels of your being. We share Ayurveda (physical), Yoga Therapy (emotional), and Human Potential (cognitive) models and practices which, together, has the ability to lead to lasting recovery.

We'll meet you where you're at and, from there, support you in uncovering the possibility that exists for you, your relationships, and your life.

Through body sensation awareness, increased safety in the body, and skills of acceptance and re-association, our program provides you with actionable steps and sustainable self-regulating practices that can cultivate an essential tool to support your eating disorder: choice.

And choice means freedom

Yoga Therapy


Therapeutic yoga practices can be powerful windows to your inner wisdom. The part of yourself that knows the truth of who you really are. Engage in sensory experiences that'll shift your awareness from "thinking about" to "embodying new ways of thinking". These practices have been shown to help manage anxiety, create new neural pathways, experience the present moment fully, free yourself of critical thinking, and empower yourself with the ability to self-regulate at any given moment.




Ayurveda views the mind as an inseparable aspect of the body, which is now well-documented and supported by neurobiologists. Through the science of life, you'll implement practices that have consistently shown to reduce cortisol levels (stress), and increase immunity, bone density, and muscle tissue. You'll get to know yourself deeply and discover the beauty of your unique differences, which gives rise to the realization that there is nothing to "fix". As your ability to sleep, digest, relax, handle stress, and tolerate emotion increases, you'll begin to comprehend the importance of nourishing, not only your physical body, but your relationships, knowledge, and your ability to care for yourself and others as well.



Fueling the body with adequate and appropriate nutrition has a powerful impact on physical, mental, and emotional health. You'll have the opportunity to engage in a variety of nutrition discussion and reflection opportunities around food and nutrition. We'll focus on identifying and navigating hunger and fullness, as well as mindful and intuitive eating practices.

Human Potential


Untangling the intimate relationship to yourself and others is imperative to understanding the struggle with eating disorders. Learn a well-defined approach through which you'll begin to understand the nature of suffering and your relationship to it. We believe suffering is an essential part of life that, when arises, is looking to be understood, cared for, and nourished. Only then can we uncover the fundamental question for all humans, not just those with eating disorders, "For what are we really hungering?"

Peace Retreat is a supportive, inclusive, intimate, and tranquil yoga retreat center  located on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica.



  • Round-trip transportation from Liberia International Airport

  • 14 nights double-shared accommodations

  • Three (3) Nourishing Meals daily

  • Two (2) Daily Yoga Classes

  • Two (2) Equine Therapy Sessions

  • One (1) Meet a Local Farmer Tour

  • One (1) Sweat Lodge ceremony

  • One (1) Cacao Ceremony

  • One (1) Custom Ayurvedic Health & Coaching Consultation

  • Medical intake and daily group discussions that support self-care, healing, and sustainable change



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