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Do you struggle with the need to be “perfect” or “well-liked”?

These feelings, and the associated discomforts, are becoming all too common with the “human-doing” experience. Furthermore, this followed by the automatic response to numb the pain, abandon responsibility, distract ourselves from the experience, and/or avoid the issue altogether, all lead to prolonged confusion, mistrust, resentment and unhappiness. And this negative feedback loop ends up reinforcing the exact experience that we are trying to escape in the first place!


We are here to tell you that, if you have a willingness to do the work, we can provide you with the skills, tools, and ultimately clarity, you need to take the next steps towards the life you really want to live.


Change your experience from “human-doing” to “human-being” TODAY!

why this retreat

 is different ? 

The ability to hear real feedback, and to recognize and confront your own hindrances that keep you from thriving, is not easy. However, if you are eager for real change, and are willing to engage with the process, then this retreat is for you.


This retreat involves building a set of habits and practices that develop an expanded awareness of the drivers of our thinking, our emotions, and our behavior. This discovery can offer greater clarity and direction in terms of manifesting a purposeful pathway into the future - a destination that supports greater meaning, positive emotions and increased well-being.


Our model combines a creative and full spectrum approach through embodied practices that include Yoga, Ayurveda, Somatics, and Mindfulness that all support living well. It is a holistic practice that places how we are being (human-being) in the forefront.


The R&R Retreat offers nourishing practices that will support you in seeing the power of using conscious choice to interrupt old habits, break down perceived barriers and open yourself to the possibility of living more aligned, connected and healthy. We will explore:

  • ways to prevent and heal many of the imbalances that lead to dis-ease such as human vulnerability and social judgement; two common causes of suffering.


The R&R Retreat is Peace Retreat’s signature retreat where you can decide how best to spend your days while retreating – designing the right experience for you.


You can choose to rest and relax on your own, or to join some or all of the daily all-level yoga classes, a variety of workshop sessions, explore daily living and wellness practices, receive expert guidance unique to you (private Ayurvedic Session), and much more.


Although we will be exploring meaningful matters, we also offer a dynamic balance of fun, learning and relaxation.


March 12-16, 2020

June 10-14, 2020

Day 1:


4:30 pm: Welcome Orientation

5:00 pm: Program Begins – Movement/Yoga Class

6:30 pm: Dinner

7:30pm: Opening Discussion



  • breakfast, lunch & dinner daily

  • double shared accommodations

  • all discussion, yoga and movement sessions with experienced and qualified yoga teacher (s) / facilitator (s)

  • one full body massage 

  • one group sweat lodge experience

  • bicycles and beach

  • Liberia airport shuttle transportation to / from Peace Retreat 

  • (group shuttles with set times)

We are very proud of this offering and are confident you will gain meaningful results by joining us.


Integrative learning and inspired living!

Be nourished, challenged, empowered and supported.

Sign up here to discover sound wellness practices and learn what truly motivates you to make the choice to pivot, reclaim and revitalize your sense of grounding!

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