Through the wisdom of Ayurveda, therapeutic yoga practices and effective self-reflection tools, a key aim of the Reset Retreat is to naturally clear the body of toxins. By detoxifying the body and purifying the mind, our internal biorhythms can be rebuilt. When the digestive system is reset and the immune system strengthened, our natural and optimal state of vitality is restored.

Modern life is convenient, fast, and full of opportunities and countless options. What comes with that lifestyle is excessive sensory stimulation to the nervous and digestive systems, a myriad of physical and mental toxins, and stressors that can be damaging to our organs and natural rhythms of our wellbeing. One thing is for sure - our body is great at finding equilibrium within the push and pull of these stressors, but it is only a matter of time that it will begin to show signs and symptoms of this external “wear and tear”. Some clues of physical and mental overwhelm include headaches, insomnia, bloating, weight gain, lack of energy, low libido, skin issues, and a compromised immune and/or digestive system.

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2020:  | June 10-15

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