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A Day in the Life of a Visitor

Pura Vida! Translation: Pure Life. If you are reading this, you are likely wondering what it is like to be a guest at Yoga Peace Retreat… and really, the shape of your time here is entirely up to you! Many guests at Yoga Peace Retreat fill their days with curiosity and adventure, while other guests choose to use their time at YPR to experience a true sensation relaxation and rejuvenation.

Continue reading for an outline of your most “typical” day at Yoga Peace Retreat…

Wake Up To The Sensation Of Nature

As a guest of Yoga Peace Retreat, you will find yourself falling asleep and waking up to the sound of nature regularly. In the mornings, as the sky begins to lighten and the soft breeze through the trees pleasantly warms the crisp morning air, the wildlife surrounding the retreat’s location really begins to come alive. Wake up to the glistening sun beaming through your wide wooden window as the birds chirp and the monkeys howl, and enjoy the sensation of nature all around you as you slowly prepare yourself for the day ahead.

Start Your Day With Morning Yoga

Rise early and grant yourself the opportunity to attend Yoga Peace Retreat’s daily 7am yoga class. All classes at YPR are lead by knowledgeable and accredited international yoga instructors. Begin your day by connecting to your mind, body and soul, and step off of your mat and out into the world with an authentic feeling of refreshment and light-heartedness.

Feed Your Soul (And Your Belly)

Following morning yoga comes a fresh and wholesome homemade breakfast cooked by Yoga Peace Retreat’s joyful and lovely member of staff, Lila. Breakfast specialties include; fresh fruit, avocado toast, banana pancakes, chia seed pudding, vegan muffins, scrambled eggs, quiche, and gallo pinto (a specialty Costa Rican breakfast dish). Additionally offered daily is Costa Rican coffee made from 100% sustainable Costa Rican coffee beans, and of course if your prefer, tea.

Cool Down!

After the digestion of your delicious breakfast, choose to perhaps cool down with a dip into Yoga Peace Retreat’s quaint pool, bordered by beautiful palm trees and comfortable lounge chairs. The pool is a great place to spend the day, or if not, to reset and cool down between yoga classes and tropical adventures.

Ayurveda On Site Session

Ayurveda: The science of life. Yoga Peace Retreat’s very own Serena Arora practices as an Ayurvedic Health Specialist for the retreat. Whether it be through her morning or evening yoga classes, or through private sessions, Serena is dedicated to ensuring all visitors find relaxation, connection, and grounding in order to reset or continue living life in the right direction.

Venture Wildly!

Take a walk through Yoga Peace Retreat’s marked jungle path, and find yourself within 15 minutes enjoying the dark sand and warm water of the local Playa Negra beach. Book a surf lesson, surf on your own (if you’re experienced) or take a stroll alongside the ocean’s shore to fully absorb the Guanacaste beach experience. If you’re feeling even more adventurous, adventure tours are available within the town of Los Pargos including hikes to waterfalls, zip lining, and more!

Settle Down With The Sun

As the sun begins to set, enjoy watching the beautiful colors of the sky change to nighttime as the surfers of Playa Negra catch their last few waves, or perhaps enjoy the luminescent pink and orange sky from the comfort of Yoga Peace Retreat’s poolside. Additional sunset options available include outdoor sunset massages, and sunset dinners, which of course, are available nearby within the towns of Playa Negra and Los Pargos.

Starry Nights

As a traveller of Costa Rica, you will soon learn that the jungle life here does not stop. Not even at night. Some animals actually even choose the nighttime to do their most active “living,” as of course, in Costa Rica; the nighttime is cooler than the daytime. While winding down from your day, allow the sounds of the wildlife vibrating to be the soundtrack to your night. Take a moment to gaze up and get lost in the canopy of stars that fill the beautiful and open Costa Rican sky… And for most guests, to follow this, it’s time to sleep!

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