What to do in Playa Negra, Guanacaste


Playa Negra is without a doubt one of Costa Rica's top surf destinations. Surrounded by soft black sand and rocky borders, this beach maintains all of the ideal conditions for waves chasers. At high tide, experienced surfers as well as beginners can find their perfect break at beach Playa Negra.


Thanks to its secluded location, Playa Negra is the perfect place for visitors of Yoga Peace Retreat to focus on their well-being. Yoga on the beach is offered throughout the year by various groups of yoga instructors, and additional to this, yogi travellers who spend time in Playa Negra have no problem connecting and creating relationships with other yoga practitioners and teachers throughout their travels!


Playa Negra is one of the most ideal spots in all of Costa Rica to relax and rejoice in the lifestyle of Pura Vida! The nearby town of Los Pargos is home to many Tica (Costa Rican) people who choose to live away from the hustle and bustle of the busy city lifestyle. On the beach of Playa Negra is a perfect place to lay low, observe nature, and connect not only with other travellers, but of course, with the bright and lively Tica people as well!

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