Self-love. Consciousness. Connection. Presence. In the midst of the Costa Rican jungle, Yoga Peace Retreat provides its guests and students with the invitation to grow, deepen their practice, and reconnect with their true inner-selves. At Yoga Peace Retreat are two yoga studios, a semi-outdoor Shala, as well as an indoor studio nearby to the pool. The intent of all yoga classes at Yoga Peace Retreat is to enhance the wellbeing of all visitors and students. Through Vinyasa and Restorative inspired classes, Kevin McQuillan and Serena Arora (the main yoga instructors at YPR) lead classes that inspire students to experience new ways of awakening the body and mind through active and energizing yoga sequences. Additionally, through Swastha Yoga International (co-creation of Ayurveda, yoga and human potential), dynamic yoga teacher trainings and workshops are available at YPR throughout various times of the year. Overall, yoga classes at Yoga Peace Retreat truly allow guests and students the opportunity to grow and transform into the best versions of themselves. All yoga classes at Yoga Peace Retreat are run on a donation basis and are open to the public, guests, and volunteers. Donations are used to maintain the quality of service, cleanliness, amenities, and high standard of yoga teaching. Straps, blocks, mats and props are always available for use.

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