Whether you’re a yogi practitioner looking to expand your knowledge and awareness in yoga, you’re interested in becoming a Registered Yoga Instructor, or you’re looking to enhance your already obtained yoga education, Yoga Peace Retreat has got something for you! Get ready to spend some quality time in Costa Rica’s paradise as you dive into the many depths of yoga, unearth your true power, build confidence, enhance mind-body awareness, and create meaningful and lasting connections! Find below a list of Yoga Peace Retreat’s upcoming teacher training and workshop programs!


This program is designed for the certified 200-hour yoga teacher graduate (from an accredited yoga program/school) who has a desire to take their teaching to the next level. Throughout this 10-day, 100-hour advanced teacher training program, students can expect to significantly deepen their teaching and yoga practices through learning how to contribute, not just to their students’ physical practice, but also to the evolution of their whole being.

By joining this program, students can expect to:

- Learn in an intimate group setting (12 trainees max) with one-on-one mentor ship and guidance from some of the most authentic and experienced yoga teachers in the field

- Teach a variety of students (retreat guests, volunteers…) under the supervision of a dedicated mentor

- Build on what they have already learned and hone their teaching skills

- Participate in a wide-range of powerful discussions, learning experiences, and practices to develop into a more impact yoga teacher and leader

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The Conscious Alignment program is a unique program for yoga teachers wishing to expand their knowledge and teaching experience, to explore the possibilities of offering effective hand-on support, and to empower their students to make the right decisions for their own bodies and practice. Through this intimate training program, participants will have the opportunity to grow both as a teacher and as a student under the guidance of some of the most knowledgeable and experienced yoga trainers and mentors in the field.

Through this program, students can expect to:

- Build off of the basics of assisting

- Introduce a deeper understanding of the body

- Integrate a more in-depth review of assisting from the foundations of the Swastha Methodology

- Expand and ignite their own asana practice

- Learn real skills for safe and effective hands-on assisting and basic anatomy for assisting purposes

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A 16-day integrated holistic yoga teacher training (200-hour) rooted in the practice of Yoga, based in the science of Ayurvedic Medicine and expanded through Human Potential growth principles. This is not your average yoga teacher training. This program is designed in a very particular way and has the potential to instigate real, sustainable transformation and change in one’s life; however, it requires perseverance, focus, and surrender to the process. This program offers a safe and loving space for opening and personal revelations that will encourage students to be more authentic and inspirational leaders and willing and thriving participants in life.

In the integrated yoga teacher students can expect to:

- Learn to be a more authentic and inspirational leader, as well as a willing and thriving participant in life

- Experience a holistic and practical approach and be guided towards an optimal sense of purpose, practice and possibility

- Learn to integrate practices that cultivate greater healing, new mindsets, and real, sustainable transformation.

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