Peace Yoga Retreat: A Day in the Life of a Volunteer

In Sanskrit, the term << seva >> means a "selfless service", or otherwise known in English as the art of giving.

Do you long to be a part of a meaningful community? Do you need a break from your life at home to realign your life and re-center your soul? If so, you might want to consider volunteering at Yoga Peace Retreat! Continue reading to find out more about the volunteer opportunity available through Yoga Peace Retreat…

The Volunteer Experience

Every morning at 6am, the Yoga Peace Retreat volunteer experience begins with a morning meeting run by Kevin, the owner and manager of Yoga Peace Retreat. During these morning meetings, the volunteers meet with Kevin, discuss the day and additionally have the opportunity to discuss what is happening in their own personal world (“clearings” of the mind). Morning meetings are a safe place designed for open communication as a way to connect with each other and to build strong and trustful relationships. At the end of each morning meeting, volunteers are encouraged to set an intention for the day. Once intentions are set, volunteers gently start their days by sweeping, serving coffee to the guests, taking care of the rooms, cleaning the facilities, tidying the yoga studios, and so on… Once the cleaning tasks are done, it is encouraged that the volunteers offer to the YPR community their passions and talents in the form of “special projects.” In the past, special projects have included such tasks as graphic design, marketing (Instagram and Facebook), video editing, community management, yoga teaching, painting, gardening, and so on… It is requested by YPR that volunteers serve for six hours a day beginning at 6am every morning with the morning meeting and intention setting. Volunteers, of course, will always be granted the opportunity to take the 7am yoga class and extend their workday by the length of the class (usually 1.5 hours). Once your work is done, the rest of the day is yours!

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