What if our central purpose in life was to live well? Swastha Yoga International, developed by international yoga instructors Kevin McQuillan and Serena Arora, implements unique and transformative strategies through their trainings to bring the art of living well to life in full-force! Swastha yoga draws its inspiration from Ayurvedic medicine and human potential to encourage growth and awareness far beyond the yoga mat.

In Sanskrit, Swastha is defined as « fully established in oneself with the awareness and ability to maintain this complete healthy state of body and mind throughout your life span »

The roots of Swastha Yoga rest in the Guanacaste Province of Costa Rica (at Yoga Peace Retreat), where students from all over the world come to join in unique and transformative Yoga Teacher Trainings. The aim of Swastha Yoga International is to build a community of yoga practitioners, leaders, and teachers who are committed to learning, sharing, and supporting one another in health, love and prosperity.

Teacher trainings and workshops led by Swastha Yoga International work with the aim to cultivate healing, open students to new mindsets, and bring balance to all participants on all levels.

Find more about 2018 Yoga Teacher Trainings at www.swasthayogainternational.com

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