Best Tips For Yogis Travelling In Costa Rica!

You’ve decided that you are ready for you next yoga-based adventure and you’re considering Costa Rica. Good for you! Whether your travel style is more “go with the flow” or it involves a little more planning, make sure to include Yoga Peace Retreat into your plans along the way! And remember, no travel decision ever comes easy without a little bit of introspection to start...

The Most Popular Yoga Travel Destination

Over the past few years, the Guanacaste Province of Costa Rica has become the top travel destination in the country for yogi travelers. In the Guanacaste Province, travelers look for places where they can relax, feel safe, and be in connection with the nature that surrounds them. The beaches that run along the Guanacaste Coast range from busy surf beaches (such as Playa Tamarindo) to more laid-back surf and swim beaches (Playa Negra and it’s surrounding areas). Throughout the Guanacaste Coast, there is absolutely no shortage of yoga studios and retreats (Yoga Peace Retreat being one of them!). Other areas within Costa Rica can be popular for yoga vacations as well, however, above all if you are looking to experience connection, nature and adventure throughout your yoga-inspired travel, the Guanacaste Coast is definitely the recommended place to be!


Rent a car, take a taxi, catch a bus or reserve a shuttle… There are numerous ways to get from one destination to the next in Costa Rica! Your mode of transportation will depend largely on your budget, your travel style and your travel plans. Prices and details for each various method of transportation are easily available online… and, for example, are great websites for information on bus transportation within Costa Rica. Contact Yoga Peace Retreat for specific information on taxi shuttles to and from the two main Costa Rican airports!


You speak Spanish? Perfecto! You only speak English? That’s okay too. Many of the local Tica (Costa Rican) people speak both Spanish and English, especially in major cities and along the Guanacaste Coast. Visiting Costa Rica can be a great opportunity to brush up on your Spanish, but no worries if you only end up learning the basics. Odds are you will run into just as many English-speaking people as you will Spanish-speaking people! Many of the staff members at Yoga Peace Retreat are fluent in both English and Spanish – and some even speak other languages such as French!


As you probably already know by now, the Pura Vida lifestyle is the Costa Rican way! Pure Life! That’s right! Upon your arrival to Costa Rica, find yourself adapting to the relaxed and simple lifestyle that the Tica people know so well. The Pura Vida lifestyle is just one more reason why Costa Rica is such a great travel destination for your upcoming yoga-adventure! Find wholesome food, real connection, quality yoga, and true relaxation throughout your entire stay in Costa Rica, and especially throughout your stay at Yoga Peace Retreat!

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