A Wellness Centre Story

On the Guanacaste coast of Costa Rica; Yoga Peace Retreat is a sanctuary of peace, quiet, beauty and love. With a unique set of values, guidance, and support, the owners and staff at Yoga Peace Retreat create the perfect atmosphere for guests to unplug, rest and reset. Here, at Yoga Peace Retreat, guests and volunteers are able to start breathing, nurturing, and grounding themselves back into their true inner-peace. Kevin, the creator of Yoga Peace Retreat started his business endeavor in 2011 with the intention of optimizing wellbeing for all who travel to Yoga Peace Retreat. The essence of wellbeing embodies the red brick walls of YPR’s hacienda-like style of home. Truly, Yoga Peace Retreat is the kind of place we all seek to renew our relationship with our inner peace and wellness.

Insight From Kevin, the Creator and Owner of Yoga Peace Retreat

Our commitment is to continue to offer programming and experience that supports being well. We foster presence and support communication, expression and overall wellbeing through our approach, property and programming. We are always creating new ways of supporting our guests and their experience.

Q: When and how did you find the place of Yoga Peace Retreat?

A: At first, I thought I had found the right place for Peace Yoga Retreat on the Carribean coast in 2010. But the purchase agreement would take years to buy out the ownership group. A year later, I was still living in San Jose and I knew then that it was not going to be a successful arrangement. After careful deliberation, I decided to walk away from the agreement. Later on that year, I was searching the internet for potential new ventures and I found the future home of Peace Retreat. Subsequent to the visit of the place, I decided to purchase the property right away. The property at the time of purchase was not a retreat center, it was a private residence. So, from January 2011 to this point it has been a buildup of what it is now.

Q: How did YPR started? Did it take off right away?

A: With a vision and determination, at the beginning I invited as many people as I could to visit Peace Retreat. I began to travel and teach with the sole purpose of getting in front of as many people as possible and invite them to visit. Relationship building is a key component to how Peace Retreat was formed and built, and continues to be a cornerstone to our approach.