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Exploring the Jungle Path

When visiting Peace Retreat I invite you to explore the area and dive into the beautiful surroundings that Costa Rica has to offer. The Guanacaste province of Costa Rica is unique in that it harbors the climate for rare, dry tropical forest. Because Los Pargos is located in this unique ecosystem, you will be able to see animals that are also very unique. This region is home to mostly low growing deciduous trees that lose their leaves during the dry season (December to May), creating an open canopy that is great for viewing the wildlife.

While at Peace Retreat, I encourage you to find your inner explorer, be curious, and open your eyes and ears while you take a journey through our Jungle Path. The best times for wildlife viewing is right after sunrise and right before sunset. Upon looking up in the canopy above you, you can expect to see some incredible birds, such as the white-throated magpie Jay, rufous-naped wren, grooved-billed ani, turquoise-browed motmot, and much more.

Living amongst the birds are the loud but rather shy howler monkeys. If you don't see them, I

guarantee you will hear their powerful calls in the distance. But don’t spend all your time looking

up, because you might end up stepping on the magnificent green iguana, basking in the sun

right in your path. If that's not enough to amaze you, I challenge you to step into the jungle and

observe the different plants, insects, and fungi that all come together to make a dynamic functioning community.

Peace Retreat shares its space with a great diversity of life, and I hope that while you are here, you

can become more aware of your surroundings and take a moment each day to appreciate the other living creatures that call Costa Rica home. There is so much we can learn from the natural world: how to live more in the present or how to adapt to the changes around us. Walking

with nature can help us reconnect and let go of stress. By seeing the natural beauty, one can find

gratitude in life and realize that we are a part of something truly special. But also, while in the

jungle, think about how you can give back to nature. Maybe pick up a piece of trash, send some love to the trees, or just get to know the names of what you see. If we all take the time to learn more about our earth, we can have a better appreciation and understanding and live more harmoniously with the life around us.

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