5 Good Reasons to Experience Yoga Peace Retreat

Yoga Peace Retreat offers to each and every one of its visitors an outstanding experience. The magnificent location of Yoga Peace Retreat lies in the midst of some of Costa Rica’s best peace and nature. A luxurious tropical setting surrounds the retreat, and within less than twenty minutes of walking, guests will find themselves encompassed by the wonderfully flawless Playa Negra beach along Guanacaste coast. Nearby villages to Yoga Peace Retreat, include Los Pargos and Paraiso (otherwise known as “Paradise” in English). Seasoned and knowledgeable yoga instructors offer daily yoga classes to guests, and specialty yoga workshops and Yoga Teacher Training programs are also available at various times throughout the year. If you’re not convinced yet, continue reading for 5 Good Reasons to visit Yoga Peace Retreat:

Acclaimed Yoga Classes, Workshops, and Teacher Training Programs

Whether you’re a seasoned yoga practitioner, or a beginner looking for a place to meaningfully dive into the practice of yoga, Yoga Peace Retreat has got something for you! On top of the standard schedule of yoga classes that are offered daily, various one and two week long workshops are also frequently offered. Each workshop includes a variety of different features, usually including accommodation, daily breakfast and dinner, discussion and training with experienced and qualified yoga instructors, and even at times various adventure excursions outside of the retreat!

Additionally, throughout the year, 200-hour and 500-hour Yoga Teacher Trainings are available through Yoga Peace Retreat’s very own Swastha Yoga International. All yoga classes, workshops and trainings that are held at Yoga Peace Retreat take place in a comfortable and non-judgmental atmosphere, making Yoga Peace Retreat perfect for anyone who’s interested! See Schedule Here

Human to Nature Connection

If you love nature and all of it’s magnificent offerings, you will be excited to read that upon your arrival to Yoga Peace Retreat, you will be at once immersed in the entirety of the natural beauty that it endows. From the soothing sound of wind in the trees to the curious noise of monkey’s howling, your stay at Yoga Peace Retreat will definitely have you feeling at one with the nature. Walk 15-minutes along Yoga Peace Retreat’s very own jungle path to the local Playa Negra beach and you’ll find yourself not only in awe of your beautiful destination, but also in admiration of all the wildlife and luscious vegetation you’ll pass by along the way. Truly, from sunrise to sunset (and beyond!), Yoga Peace Retreat and its surrounding areas offer each and every guest a tranquil and well-deserved connection to some of Costa Rica’s most beautiful nature!

Finding Balance

If you need some time off, away from your life, to realign and ground yourself in a safe and comfortable environment, Yoga Peace Retreat might just be the perfect place for you. As mentioned in the first point (above), daily yoga classes are offered for guests in the morning as well as in the evening. Through these classes, guests are granted the space to reconnect to their inner-peace, to their body/mind alignment and to their internal/external balance.

For Yoga Peace Retreat guests, after the optional morning yoga class is a wholesome breakfast, and for the rest of the day, the world is yours (including optional evening yoga)! For retreat goers and teacher trainees, you will find yourself enjoying knowledge-based and whole-hearted discussion and instruction throughout your days at YPR, allowing the self-growth, balance, and inner-peace you seek to find you with grace and ease. Additionally, as it is believed, surrounding yourself within nature is one of the most healing and balancing medicines there is!

Jungle Vibes

There is no place like Yoga Peace Retreat to allow you the feeling of safety and comfort at the retreat location, but the sensation of intrigue and adventure only a few minutes away! At Yoga Peace Retreat, the jungle surrounds the vicinity. As previously mentioned, within the jungle can be found beautiful Costa Rican wildlife such as monkeys, birds and iguanas, as well as picturesque tropical vegetation and plenty of shade for those who wish to spend extensive time walking along the jungle path, or back and fourth between the retreat and the town/beach of Playa Negra. If you crave peace and serenity, as well as fun, adventure and jungle vibes, Yoga Peace Retreat truly is the best of both worlds!

A Beach Lover’s Paradise

If tropical beaches and incomparable sunsets are what you foresee in your future vacation, Yoga Peace Retreat will not fail to suit your desires. The local Playa Negra beach is located just far enough away from the agitation of the crowded Costa Rican surf beaches but not so far away that you feel totally disconnected from all others. Prepare yourself to fall madly in love with the pink, red and orange skies that mirror themselves elegantly upon the endless white and black sand beaches. Side note: If you love to surf, or would love to try, Playa Negra is a great location for catching waves and there are also plenty of options for lessons available with locals as well.

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