Combo Nature and Yoga at Peace Retreat

Looking for the perfect combination of yoga and nature? Look no further than Yoga Peace Retreat! Surrounded by jungle, rooted in yoga, and only a 15-minute walk away from the beautiful black sand beach of Playa Negra, YPR offers its guests an impeccable yoga to nature experience. Rejoice in the Pura Vida lifestyle as you settle into your well-deserved vacation at Yoga Peace Retreat. Your tropical holiday awaits you!


Never forget that tropical holidays mean a lot of buzzing and crawling creatures. Ants, bees, bugs, iguanas, monkeys, lizards, they are everywhere. This is their place before it was ours. We all live harmoniously here.

Always sunny and warm, the weather in Costa Rica is a delight! When the light passes through your wide wooden window and wakes you gently in the morning, you’ll feel centered and at peace, at last.

Trees – more specifally fruit trees! You will find many of them on YPR’s property, in which you are welcome to help yourself to. But watch out! You won’t be the only one looking for those juicy and ripe mangos. Monkeys are always on site!

Use your sense of adventure and wander through the jungle path. This little path goes all the way to Playa Negra, and is a nice way to awaken your sense of exploration.

Relax at the pool surrounded by palm trees and rejoice in the feeling of cool water to cool you down from the heat.

Even at night, nature never sleeps!


Yoga for the body, the mind and the spirit! Following the guidance and benevolence of YPR’s two yoga instructors (Serena and Kevin), you will find yourself focusing on the core of your wellbeing.

On donation class principle – At Yoga Peace Retreat, it is believed that yoga should be accessible to everyone… On Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays, YPR’s 7am, 1h 30m yoga class is open to everyone in the community of Los Pargos!

Gain in strength and confidence through the practice of yoga! YPR offers a variety of different yoga workshops and teacher trainings alongside their daily regular yoga classes. Find a schedule for workshops and teacher trainings here (link)!

At Yoga Peace Retreat, yoga and nature flow hand in hand. Have you already booked your spot?! We hope so.