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Additional support

Our goal at Peace Retreat is to make your retreat experience as seamless as possible, from start to finish. We offer a variety of additional support services at a reasonable cost, that can help make the process even easier.

Registration|Payment Management

Keeping track of registrations and payments can be the most challenging part of hosting a retreat- Creating a site for registrations, communicating with students, finding a forum to collect money, following up with students on deposits, covering transfer fees…all can be very time consuming and plenty to manage. We can take that responsibility on by managing all registrations.

The best part is, you still have control of how you price your retreat. We allow you to set the price for accommodations, deposits, early bird discounts, last minute bookings, and date that the final payment is due by your participants/guests. We can also include discount codes and special rates if you choose to offer those to your participants/guests.


In addition, if you choose to utilize our Registration and Payment Management System, an upside is that you may not need to personally submit additional deposits to Peace Retreat. The retreat deposits/tuition being paid by your participants/guests to us directly will be held by us, so if you are receiving consistent bookings, held funds, in part, will be used to pay for contractual deposits, as detailed in the contract (3 months prior to start date and the final deposit).


We are pleased to offer you additional information about the process upon request.


(min 8 participants)

We offer the group leaders the ability to personalize their own retreat or training in a way that will best align with your vision. The length of retreat/training, the activities offered, food available, and yoga schedule, all can be catered to your desires. We offer retreat organizers a flat rate for accommodations regardless of room type, creating the option for retreat organizers to vary pricing for participants as they see fit. Students can also choose to extend their stay before or after the scheduled retreat, and any additional nights before or after your registered retreat dates will be billed out as listed per our website.

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