We invite you to join us for a remarkable experience of self-care and nurturing. Intentionally created in an open-air jungle setting, we offer a rejuvenating experience in a nourishing environment.


Our Body at peace spa is open daily. Our body therapies and signature services focus on the rich ingredients of Costa Rica and reflect our unique ocean and jungle surroundings. All of our spa treatments use local oils, ingredients, and lotions. Our invigorating treatments are performed by highly qualified therapists, here to support every step of your experience.



Enter into a state of deep relaxation and healing with a luxurious customized massage. Soothe your tired muscles with gently heated oil and aromatherapy and integrate your body into deeper states of relaxation and healing.




Soak up extreme nourishment from head to toe; soothing and cooling, this superbly healing fruit will bring forth a new glow and deep hydration to the skin. While your body soaks up the benefits, receive a deeply moisturizing avocado hair mask, completing your journey of complete renewal.

glowing papaya body mask
glowing papaya body mask
extreme bliss

Calm your mind and spirit with this immensely relaxing massage to the extremities. We’ll focus on the face, scalp, ears, shoulders, and neck, releasing layers of mental tension, and end in a blissful and grounding massage to the hands and feet.

extreme bliss

Both gentle and effective, your skin will reap the rewards of hydrating and antioxidant-rich oatmeal. Along with a relaxing and stress-melting facial massage and acupressure, this nourishing journey includes a custom-made facial cleanser, gentle scrub, and hydrating face mask, all topped off with a blissful foot massage.

Soothing Oatmeal Facial 

Soothing Oatmeal Face Treatment


Corazon means “heart” in Spanish. Your entire system will feel nourished, renewed and invigorated like no other with this full-body salt and organic coffee scrub. This treatment heals from the outside-in. We use only the best, local, organic coffee grounds and soothing heart-centered techniques to remove dead skin cells while repairing your skin, reducing wrinkles and cellulite, and stimulating greater circulation.

Corazon Mocha body Scrub

Corazon Mocha Scrub


The best treat you can give to your tired feet! Start with a gentle exfoliation to awaken your feet before experiencing the deep and effective pressure points of reflexology. Your whole body will reap the benefits, as reflexology stimulates digestion, reduces edema and blood pressure, soothes headaches, and elevates mood. Ending with a relaxing foot massage, this treatment will leave you feeling firmly grounded and re-connected.

pada pure foot reflexology

pada pure foot reflexology